Solar Geyser Installers Cape Town

We are a Cape Town based solar geyser installer company.

Are you tired of paying that high electricity bills

that Eskom just keeps increasing every year?

Did you know that that’s about to change

for you and your family?

Having made contact with our website

was a step in the right direction and we

are going to show you how you are going

to save 50% on electricity every single

month starting from this month!

You also get R9800 Eskom Rebate back

Eskom is also going to pay R9800

towards your solar geyser just cause

they like you.

We will finance your solar geyer

And as if R9800 isn’t enough we’re

also going to give you financing

for your solar system……if you

need it of course.

To find out how much you save every year

click visit our Payback page here —–>  PAYBACK PAGE

If you would rather like to talk

to us directly and get all the

info you need via phone or email

call us on the below number or fill in

the contact form to the right on the page.

Call us now: 021 551 5906