SunScan 20 Tube ECO Tube Collector

SunScan 20 Tube ECO Tube Collector

SunScan’s SABS tested flat plate collectors combines high performance and anesthetist to give you the one of the best collectors on the market today. With a proven track record in having no failures due to manufacturer fault in over 10 years, SunScan is defiantly your number 1 choice.

Below are a few pictures of our collectors in the field, hard at work to give you the best return of investment per min South Africa



Technical Specifications
General Information

  • Standard Dimensions: 2000mm x 1722mm.
  • Aperture Area: 1.86 m².
  • Number of Tubes: 20.
  • Empty Weight: 71 kg.
  • Power output at 1000W/m² – (tm-ta) = 30 °C: 1166.03 W.
  • Recommended Flow Rate: 50L – 150 L/ (
  • Recommended Tilt Angle: 15° – 75 °.
  • Freeze Resistant: Yes, provided appropriate Freeze.
  • Transfer Fluid mix ratio (Indirect systems only): 1 part fluid to 3 parts water for temperatures to -8 °C.
  • Frame Colour: Aluminium/Black.
  • Sealing Gasket: Silicon Rubber.


  • Material of Absorber: Cu/Al/SS/N2 on borosilicate glass.
  • Thickness of Absorber: 2mm.
  • Surface Treatment: ALN/SS-ALN/Cu.
  • Dimensions of Absorber: 58/1800.
  • Material of Absorber Pipes: Copper.
  • Layout of Absorber Pipes: Heat pipe, dry connection.
  • Outer Diameter of Absorber Pipe: 8mm.
  • Inner Diameter of Absorber Pipe: 6.8mm.
  • Material of Header Pipe: Copper.
  • Condenser: 14mm.
  • Outer Diameter of Header Pipe: 38mm.
  • Inner Diameter of Header Pipe: 34mm.
  • Material of Contact Sheets: Aluminium.
  • Thickness of Contact Sheets: 0.2mm.
  • Operator Pressure: 600kPa.
  • Test Pressure: 1500kPa.
  • Stagnation temperature: 203 °C.

Thermal Insulation

  • Insulation Material of Manifold: Polyurethane, Mineral Wool.
  • Insulation Material of Absorber: High Vacuum


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