Take action this Easter and Passover Period

The Easter weekend is upon us and we wish all everybody a peaceful and blessed long weekend, including a Moadim l'simcha to our Jewish readers during the Passover period.

In a recent article, we highlighted Eskom’s plan to terminate rebates on solar water heating systems. This may seem ludicrous, but they are indeed forging ahead with their plans, which come into effect from the 1st May. You can still assist us in lobbying Eskom and government to continue the rebate system by signing our petition here.

While we certainly will take time out over this long weekend, we’re also hard at work preparing for Decorex Cape Town next weekend. We hope we will see you there, and don’t forget to enter our competition to win a voucher to the value of R 6,000 to any solar water heating system we offer. If you take it up quickly, you’ll still get the Eskom rebate as well!

Have a wonderful time with you family and friends this long weekend, travel safely and cherish the time off from our busy schedules! All at Sunscan wish you well, and thank you for your continued support.