Solar Efficiency

Example: 200L Kwikot Retro Fit System

It achieved the following results on the SABS test:

 Q-factor 27.9 MJ or  7.745 Kwh

Using NASA’s 22 year radiation tables, the average annual radiation for Cape Town (taking cloudy rainy days into account) is equal to 6.42 KWhr/sqm/day.

Our SunScan system will deliver 11.15 Kwhr of energy on the average day in the Western Cape.

 11.15 KWhr per day equates to 4070 KWhr per annum

Present electricity prices including Vat for high-use Eskom Clients is R1.61 per KWhr.

 4070 KWhr at R 1.61 per KWhr equates to a saving of R6 552  per year.


20 year cummulative savings = R399,661.00


Solar System Payback

If your system is R 17 500 on a retro-fit system, it will be paid back conservatively after 3 years.