Countries economic recovery is in the hands of solar energy companies

Would you like to see the economy recover quicker creating more jobs more disposable income which creates an economic circle with an up would trend that improves everyone’s lives, yes you to?

Well you can help and this is how.

We all know Eskom is struggling to keep the lights on. Yes we all know this but did you know the extreme measures they are having to take to achieve this while we all weight for the new power stations to come on line. And yes we all know wearnt the cause of this problem however we are all being massivelynegatively effected by stunted economic growth due to the lack of power.

Eskom are contracting with large business to turn off all their smelters and manufacturing equipment so they can keep our lights on.

The effects of this are massive.

  1. 1.Less manufacturing means more importing of goods we can produce here
  2. 2.Less job opportunities
  3. 3.Fewer wages being paid which means your small business have no market to sell to as no one has the money to purchase their goods.

These are the here and know effects.

The longer and more devastating effects are:

  1. 1.International investors see SA as a bigger risk and withdraw their investment Rand weakens.
  2. 2.Imported goods like solar heating systems become unaffordable.
  3. 3.Possible investors in solar heating companies in Cape Town go elsewhere in Africa, the effects of lost opportunities is something we can’t quantify but the long term effects will negatively impact SA for decades to come.

So you are asking yourself how you can help well this is how.

  1. 1.Look at implementing energy saving measure like using energy sparingly during peak times, install a solar system. This will save you money, save the environment, promote the green economy. These are just the small advantages. One million solarmeans we don’t need a power station spewing out toxic plooms of smoke.

The big plus is this. This frees up electricity so Eskom doesn’t have to turn off large industry. The benefits of this will help South Africa grow at a rate that will benefit us all.

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In short becoming energy efficient is a feel good investment one we as a citizenscan’t ignore.

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