Solar water heating has been said to be one of mankind’s greatest inventions. These systems have a huge number of great attributes that helps make it one of the most effectual methods of heating water for residents and commercial centers in Cape Town. Solar heating is used in different parts of the world as it is very cost effective and the most renewable source of energy. Because of the rising cost in electricity in South Africa solar energy has become extremely popular.

Although it is easy to find heating systems with advanced technological features choosing the best one is still tricky.

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Here are a few types of solar heating systems.

Solar thermal energy is used in many more homes in Cape Town than ever before. There are two kinds of systems. There is the active and the passive heating system.

Active heating systems are comparatively more efficient than passive heating systems.

Active or forced solar systems capture the heat from the sun using solar panels installed on top of the roofs of residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Cape Town. A pump then pumps the heated water to remotely placed storage vessel.

Passive heating systems work a bit differently and are one of the cheapest ways of heating water. It involves the use solar panels roof mounted with the storage tank mounted on the roof above the panel in order for the solar system to thermo-syphon. Most countries use the active system more than the passive system.

Importance of using Solar Heating Systems

More and more people in Cape Town are realizing how beneficial solar water heating is due to its cost effectiveness
The present economic crises with the soaring prices of electricity have forced many people to resort to solar energy for heating their hot water in their homes.

Due to the scarcity of fuel solar water heating systems installations have increase dramatically. Shortage of fuels and electric power is being experienced in many countries around the world. That is why allot of the people prefer to use this renewable source of energy. Compared to the other heating systems it is one of the cleanest forms of energy and is relatively eco-friendly as it seldom emits poisonous gases.

The advantages of using this form of heating system is that, regardless of power cuts and fuel shortages people can rest assured that they will have hot water supply for the majority of the year.

Although the initial cost of installing these solar heating systems is a relatively high, compared to the other kinds of heating systems, it drastically reduces your monthly water heating costs.

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