In a surprise move, Eskom has terminated the current solar rebate program effective from the 1st

with minimal notice to the public, industry and other stakeholders. This means that all Eskom solar

rebates will fall away, in stark contrast to their public image of endorsing, supporting and subsidizing

more energy efficient ways of heating water and in turn, saving electricity.

Eskom’s major campaigns, which have cost millions, warn us to cut back on our usage and urge us to

turn off pool pumps, geysers and non-essential appliances. Despite this, electricity demand still exceeds

supply during peak periods, and now Eskom are pulling the plug on their endeavor to save power by

subsidizing energy-aware consumers who install power-saving water heaters and geysers.

So it seems that Eskom see the only option of “powering your world” is with hefty, hugely costly and

globe-guzzling coal-powered stations like Medupi, which continue to cost the taxpayer billions in

additional costs. Of course, our grid remains reliant on substandard coal, which by recent events is not

even able to withstand a little inclement weather.

The question remains that with an electricity grid under severe strain, how is it possible that a

programme such as the Load Reduction Rebate Programme* can be discontinued?

SunScan remains acutely aware of the effects that this decision brings to the industry, consumers and

other stakeholders, and hence we continue to lobby Eskom, regulatory bodies and government to

overturn this decision. Until such time as a decision is made, we urge the public to act quickly in order

to still benefit from the Eskom rebate.

We urge all South Africans to join the community for change and sign this petition to make Eskom aware

of how this effects the pockets and shifts mind sets against creating a greener South Africa. Sign the

petition here (Enter the title of petition and highlight as LINK to here)

Load Reduction Rebate Programme* insert link:


Watt’s Up with Eskom’s Solar Rebate Programme?