Having successfully hosted the Design Indaba 2014, which showed much promise in terms of what South African design has to offer. Along with cutting edge innovation, Design Indaba has shown us what can be done in terms of changing our future for the better.
Hot on the heels of bad weather, wet coal and rolling blackouts, which costs our economy R 100 million per day, Eskom has announced a renewed loadshedding programme. Perhaps it is time for South African designers and innovators to step up and help solve the problem. Design Indaba certainly showed that we have the capability.
Sunscan is proud to be part of the solution. With award winning technology and SABS approval, we’re playing our part in making South Africa less dependent on fossil fuels and more green all the way round. Our solar energy solutions make a difference in your home, and in turn, the world. We’re committed to saving the planet, one idea at a time.
Being passionate about the green revolution, Sunscan invites all entrepreneurs and innovators to submit their green ideas for consideration. Because we can.